Adam5811 January 8, 2016

On Wednesday, the hockey duo took the saddle of the airplane and went to the Swedish games and today, starting at 19:00, they can play for the first time in one of the last generals before the world championship in the same jersey.

Sure, the siblings in the national team are not unique. The brothers Michálková or perhaps Kovářová have recently sung the ice hockey team. Tandem Musil, however, excites unprecedented attention. 21-year-old Adam and 24-year-old David have ancestral ancestors with whom they can form a complete representation formation straight. “Grandfather (Jaroslav Holík) would give the center. I would attack him with his brother Jirk and Uncle Bobby (Holik).Brahman and Dad (Franz Musil) would play in defense, “Benjamínek Adam is a family member of five. “And I would be at the end of the race,” he laughs.

The achievements of the older members of the Hockey Dynasty can not compete, overseas from the lower contests attempting to break into the NHL. That’s why the AHL youngster’s invitation to the camp before the world championship was surprising. “I’m happy for every day I get a representation. I do not know how it is with me. I’m trying to survive and give it all, “says Musil, who in 2015 drafted St. Louis.

He stayed in the preparation until he could meet with a brother who was trying to blow out the extra-league title with Třinec until Sunday (in vain). The day after the final finale, David called the phone.He called the American number, with the deputy manager Jiří Fischer. “Before that, nobody called me, but I’m glad they invited me. Maybe I will get a match or two and I will show what is in me, “hopes Trinity bek.

As the first joyous news he told his father František, the world champion from 1985 is in Russia, where as a Boy Scout is watching the championship of the world under the age of 18. “And I learned that my brother would come from my mom. I just woke up, “says Adam.

Musil’s logical link now is not just the same goal – to get to the championship in Denmark, their faces will not shave” holly “features. You do not find any other character and hockey similarities.

The younger Adam speaks directly.On the ice is again a strong attacker, about whom Grandmother Holik once said he was like a “bastard” like he once.

Elder David is more thoughtful. An unobtrusive practitioner who does not look for skits. “It was said that Ada had the prickness of Holiks. That’s a property I want to have a little bit of it, “says the asshole. “But he’s a good guy, he’s acting fairly. Everyone has respect, “Adam commends the older sibling.

The sport was so determined. Mother Andrea as a tennis junior won the famous Wimbledon, at buffalo university volleyball played Adam’s and David’s oldest sister. They chose hockey. “I can not say they would push us at home.But when we chose it, the family supported us and created the best conditions for us, “says David Musil, who, like a brother after emigration of his parents, was born in Canada.

Younger Adam even represented Canada as a youth at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial in Břeclav. “Canadians are not your name. Even if you have Gretzky’s back, it’s mainly performance, “Adam says.

The family tradition and lesser competition have brought him into the Czech jersey. Musil is not one of the hockey players who have a certain nomination for Denmark. But who knows how to rejuvenate, apologizes and wounds. And followers of the hockey clan as their ancestors can see the championship.