Andy October 20, 2017

In 2009, the club from Rio occupied the 14th place at the time when Petkovich – not the first time – signed a contract with him. And his appearance on Maracan changed everything. “It was a wonderful year, unforgettable,” he said after the first championship in his second homeland. “I want to thank everyone. They […]

Andy October 20, 2017

“There was no response from the North, and we find it regrettable and sad,” a spokesman for the South Korean ministry said. The match between North Korea and South Korea ended without goals scored – 0: 0. The second match between these teams is scheduled for June 4 next year. The main star of South […]

Andy October 20, 2017

The historic match was held at the Kim Il Sung Stadium in Pyongyang as part of the 2022 World Cup qualifying tournament. Kim’s regime forbade South Korean spectators and reporters from attending the match and said the match would not be broadcast live on television or the Internet. Only football players and coaches were allowed […]

Andy October 20, 2017

The most expensive football player at the time of his transition, Pogba seemed to be the very star who would return MJ to glory. Returned? No, but he is deservedly still considered one of the best in the “Red Devils”, although he suffers from an unstable form. Central midfielder: Rodry (Atletico – Manchester City, 62 […]

Adam5811 November 11, 2016

Television crews began to arrive in Hajvalia, a seven-thousand-square town, so shots from the training area were blown into the world, where a superstar from Uruguay would seem totally inappropriate. Around the field haystacks, bumpy, uncut grass, gates without nets. Sheep grazed behind the main stadium. Attracting canonist Suárez was then a crazy idea with […]

Adam5811 August 12, 2016

After six rounds, the Bohemians are surprisingly high on the table, and they stayed the same after the duel in Teplice. Both teams had one big chance, but Teplice scored a goal and the goalie scored Tomáš Grigar. “Classic match with Bohemia. A lot of duels, both teams were running a lot. There is nothing […]

Adam5811 July 28, 2016

It’s not easy to confess in Miroslav Stoch, the new Slavie football post. Those who evaluate it usually agree on one thing: When he has his day, he can play sensational pieces on the pitch. He will need time in Prague to do two things. That on the lawn can be better than Tuesday night […]