Andy July 10, 2016

The audience welcomed the old coach Pavel Vrba and the team could remember the golden times that he had under him.

Offensive football, penetrating passes, humorous combinations, centers from the sides. Pilsen’s opponents did not breathe and shot one goal after another.

“We played very well in the first part, we were lucky to have scored a goal early, and Dukla had to play openly. We managed to move into rapid brew situations and we played them well. Unfortunately in the second half we were not so accurate. Perhaps with the vision of a heavy Wednesday match, we were no longer so rude.We had a look at it even though Dukla had a chance to score, “said coach Pavel Vrba.

The first player gave Hejda, after the defending standards he stayed on the tip and his head from the left sent a net .

The other goal was made by Krmenčík, first he got rid of the stopper Bezpalce in half, then dropped the second stop Jiránek, at that moment they ran with the teammate Hrošovský themselves on the goalie Radu.

give Hrošovský.In the absence of the injured Hubner and Kolář, who remained only on the bench, he put on the captain’s tape.

The sparrow against the Tuesday match of the Champions League in Bucharest made four changes in the set, grabbed Hruska, Burning and Zeman.

Zeman was on the left-hand side of the defense but he did not score a goal from his center. This made it to Havel, who sent the ball to the left and sent the ball to the limelight, and the Krmenčík again pushed through the defender.

The fourth goal fell to a perfect match, Kopic ran to the perpendicular, ran off to the right wing, Penalty and Burning put the Counter-Strike Councils.

And Dukla? Zero, nothing. In fact, she hit the pole at 71.minute was the near goal of the former Pilsen striker Holenda.

The second half of the day offered a more respectful part of the guests. Coach Hynek made two changes in the set and secondly the homeless under the impression of a big lead.

“We were not able to realize our intention in the first half, and Viktorka dismantled us and gave us great goals. In the second half, it was different from our side. I think we have managed to do a lot of the mechanisms we want to play. Let the offensive or the defensive. We also have to realize that Viktorka has already had some rebound and played definitely even more economically, “said visiting coach Jaroslav Hynek.