Andy December 31, 2017

In 20 of the last 21 cups, the Czechs always stood at least once on the podium. Also included is Östersund 2016, which was arranged on Saturday afternoon by a woman who held one big and three small crystal globes last season.

For the first time in this season, Gabriela Koukalova has shown a flawless shot. She was sixth in the lying moment she waited for the fifth time.The second was off the stairs, with a loss of only 4.3 seconds to the head of Maria Dorinova-Habert.

In the endurance race, Czech fans rightly nurtured the hope that they could make the loss in the final 2.5-kilometer circuit.

But this time it was the French who was better.

6.3 km: it has grown to 10.8 seconds.

The distance of 7.1 kilometers: already 17.9 seconds.

At the finish, Koukal stayed less than 20 seconds behind a French mother celebrating his sixth cup triumph career.On top of the last round, Finka Kaisa Mäkäräinen was also sprawled in front of Ceska, despite a single foul in the shooting.

The score was not three, but four, Czechs. Fifteen was again Eva Puskarcikova, eighteenth Lucie Charvátová.

Veronika Vítková thought of the higher positions, but after three mistakes she was standing at 35.a place for which she took six cups.

Benjamínek Jessica Jislova finished sixty-one and Sunday race does not take place.

The winner of the endurance race, German Laura Dahlmeier did not hit one target, the last one at her stand and the fourth position.

Still, she has secured the overall lead in the World Cup with 21 points in front of Dorin-Habert. The defender of the title Koukalová is fifth overall – and Puskarčíková for the first time in a career in the Top 10 cup, on the 10th position.

“Gábina was a super race in which she showed what last year throughout the season.She kept the lag and the stand and it was fast, “coached Zdeněk Vítek for Czech TV. “Even Evika had a great race, even though she did not hold her concentration, and one wound sprang up. Lucka shot a nice lick. One of the wounds she had missed was a caliber. ”

In Östersund, despite the long races, it faded down to five o’clock, but the windmill was fortunate to calm down and the shooting conditions were almost ideal.

The Czechs managed a great lick. All the targets were hit by Charvátová, Koukalová, Puskarčíková and for the first time in the season, Vítková was not even the first lick.Only Jislová had at one crime wheel.

After the initial entry to the leading ten involved at only the third Koukalová, but the eighth Charvátová.

She then missed the second and fourth target standing, while one the wheel was also waiting for Puskarčíková after the second shot. Vítková time in his theory took three more powerful entry errors.

Eva Puskarčíková and Veronika Vítková during the trial before the event.

The only Koukalová from Czech quintet and destroyed all standing target. As she left the mat and put on her rifle, a light smile shone on her face.And coach Zdeněk Vítek nodded happily at the shooting range.

Both knew: Today it will be good.

Aligned to the pink, she could later walk on a bronze step together with Dorin and Mäkäräinen. The three biathlon giants, who did not come to the Top 10 elite at the end of the race, returned to their top positions. World Cup. It was the nineteenth with two mistakes.

The woman who was the biggest surprise of the endurance race, Belarus, Darja Jurkevič, finished third and third in the nineties and no points.Like Wierer missed a goal twice.

The fastest run time of the day was shown by Dorinová-Habertová, four Czechs being among the top twenty best runners. Koukalova, the second fastest on Thursday, scored the seventh time with 40.6 seconds, Puskarčíková thirteenth, Charvátová seventeenth and Vítková twentieth.

Extremely fast shooting was again shown by Charvátová. While Wednesday was the third fastest on the shooting range, this time sixth. Koukal’s fourteenth.