Andy December 31, 2017

When he first looked at the World Cup at sixteen, he did not think he would wait five years for another individual start between the elite jumpers. That’s what the newborn child of Vojtech Štursa enjoys returning – a week ago in the Finnish Hands he was rejoicing at his premiere point in a prestigious series and on Friday night he shined in Klingenthal in Germany second place in qualifying.

“I am very happy, because I was finally starting to make competitive jumps. I made a lot of them spoiled before. Now I’m doing exactly what I want, “says a 21-year-old talent. “Even if it is difficult to enforce it, because the saint is somewhere else than the other competitions.Jumping here from lower racing speeds and every slightest mistake for a person stands a lot of meters, “he adds.

At the same time, he believes that he will soon enjoy the great joy on the snowy bridge. “What is missing me?I do not even know, maybe a little bit of self-confidence. When I compare my current jumps with those from the end of last season, I’m quite somewhere else. And I believe I’m more physically better than 90% of the jumpers in the world. So just figure out how to do that at the right time all came together, “he muses.

In their ascension sees the work of the current coach of the Czech national team – Richard Schallert.

“First, it was ten to five here. When I was still junior, nobody thought we should do it properly. Talent is not enough for a person, and systematic and quality training must also be added to it.Now I’m convinced that we’re on the right track and we can go upstairs, “he says happily.

This year, however, it does not commit itself to any concrete results. “But I would like to fight at the Four Journey Tournament and the Lahti World Championship. And I have another wish: I would love to get on the bridge mammoth 200 meters. The record is only 165 meters away, but I was the mammoth last time three years ago. Since then, I have advanced a great deal forward, so it’s not unrealistic, “says Stursa.

Especially when he thinks he’s a fighter. “Although the jump would range from tiny bridges to the biggest ones look the same, but I definitely prefer the big one.The reasons are clear – a long jump is much happier and I’m also a type of jump who can make more use of it. So I prefer bigger bridges. And I’m looking forward to the mammoth even though I enjoy every race, “says the young man who comes from Brezin, small villages on the border of the Highlands and the Pardubice Region.

Jumping began at the age of six in New Town. Thanks to her sister

She first came to the bridges because of her sister, former skiing agent Martin Štursová. “She was racing for New Town, and since I was a bit of a hyperactive kid and ours did not know what to do with me, they put me in the same club on a Nordic combination.Here I was from six to fifteen, but then the fun stopped me, “he says with a smile as he” deserted “to the jumpers.

This year, he wanted to take up college at college this year, he chose IT at the Technical University of Liberec where he lives and races for the local Dukla. “But I was only fourteen days at the beginning of the year. Then I went to winter training and now I have not been to school for two months. So she had to go aside. But in the future I will definitely return to study, with gymnazium man after the end of sports career does not get very much, “said Stursa clear.