Andy February 14, 2018

Dreamy twenty met! For the first time, Czech representative Ester Ledecká has been among the top twenty in her career among alpine skiers. And again, the performance was worthy of admiration.

For a long time it looked like it would not be at Lake Louise. The Canadian resort was covered in thick clouds. The damp weather was backed by a heavy snowfall and the organizers had to delay the start of the Sunday super-slalom for an hour and fifteen minutes. In addition, the ready track was forced to shorten by a few yards.

And the demanding conditions were busy servicing individual servants. They responded to sudden weather changes a few minutes before the start.And Petr Kouřil, the caregiver of Ester Ledecká, made his work excellent. The Czech skismen of skiing in fresh snow drove and ensured for the time being the result of life.

With a high number of 47, 21-year-old Ledecká went between the goal. In the upper passage, she made several huge mistakes. In the middle, it was even 38th. At one point at the top of the track it looked like it would even drop and the super-G would not finish. But the Czech amphibian fought. Just before the finish, it accelerated and reached the finish in the fifteenth place. She looked at the resulting time and gave emotions for the first time. As far as possible, I have made several mistakes there, she thought in her head. Four racers, including Hungarian Miklos, were still ahead of Ledecka.Winning Gut lost Ledecká second and 47th.

Ledecká confirmed the pre-race words of his coach Tomas Banka. “Ester is more suitable for technical hills, full of turns.” That’s why they want to focus on giant slalom in December, which Ledecká would also like to break through.

“Despite the bad weather, the organizers have prepared an excellent track, even though it has been truncated and the start has shifted. I have a lot to thank for the team, I had great skis today, and although I made a mistake at the top, it was very fast on my plane and it was a good time. Mission Canada fulfilled! “Wrote Ledecká on her facebook profile after the race.

The second Czech deputy to start Klara Kriz reached the final and first points in the jubilee 50th year of the World Cup will not.

Return to old order. After Friday’s and Saturday’s congress, when the skiing run with its win by Slovinka Štuhecová, Sunday’s super-slalom was directed by the biggest fans.

Lara Gutha, the seventh woman of the starting field, headed straight into the box for the lead runner immediately after the race. After the fourth place of Saturday’s congress, the defense attorney finally managed to relax. Aggressive and direct riding in the gates The Swiss has secured one hundred points in the hitting of the currently leading woman of the entire World Cup Mikaela Shiffrin. She was only 34 when she was only third in the

For the first podium placement this year, Liechtenstein Weirathero arrived in second place against Italian Goggia. Thirty-four-year-old Italy has already won third place in the podium this season. The Friday and Saturday congress meeting Ilka Štuhecová took the fifth place with the demanding condition.