Andy July 10, 2016

A few hours ago, the lively audiences brought Duna Arena into a state of complete euphoria. The Hungarian swimmer finished third in a 200-meter bow tie and caught a medal from the Budapest pool. At that moment, there was no word to say, such was the noise on the crowded platforms. When Hosszuda found her third, she joyfully pumped her hand and then waved for a long time the sold-out galleries that continued like a sea surf. “You hear the encouragement even underwater,” Hosszu said, when she was sitting at a press conference. She smiled amusedly. The Iron Lady mask, as she herself says, suddenly fell.

Hosszú is perfectly fulfilling the role of the biggest face of the world championship, in and out of the pool.He looks at passers-by from billboards, speaks to people on videos that reveal many of her privacy. The camera captures it during massages, racing trips, or stretching out at Shanea Tusupa, her husband and coach in one person.

One of them was shot after a Thursday bronze performance. “I could not do it without you, you pushed me to the crate,” she thanked the fans as she sat in a cabin flying the night Budapest. She trusted them how much they captured the medals. “I did not win a bowler for a long time, I missed the podium in 2015.”

She talks shamelessly, acting relaxed. Something like that was unthinkable five years ago.It is the same woman who, at the London Olympics, drew pressure and expectations, whether from the public or the media. The trained psychologist did not drop the weight and burned out. She was fragile, just like her first name.

“The Iron Lady” happened in the years to come, she began training under the leadership of a tormented partner Tusup and gradually strengthened her psyche. Before the races, she helps her by completely shattering her surroundings and concentrating on just trying to succeed. She clings to the fact that it’s just about her and the black line marking her track at the bottom of the pool. And then she just succeeds.

She has become one of the world’s finest swimmers in recent years and has closed her mouth to critics.She remembered them as she added to Instagram the photograph: “I also thank my haters, who always give me extra motivation.”

There is a hat with a straight peak and a “Iron” on his head. “Lady,” the second part of her nickname, adorns Tusup’s hat. Together they make up a pair and have a successful brand of clothes and accessories. Their shop is located in the Duna Arena area, there is also a Katinka doll.

It sounds cute. But the real Hosszú has become a warrior, in the pool unforgiving, which excels in condition and fervor. Similarly, she also acts as a spokesperson for the World Association of Professional Swimmers, fighting for better conditions for athletes.Hosszou is reminded of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the original “Iron Lady”.

Last fall, he criticized the leadership of the Hungarian swimmer, his boss even called for a resignation. Now, however, he is once more in Budapest as an athlete. And the crowd’s heroines. It fills it with precision.