Andy April 6, 2018

Eliminate the raw game and more protect the health of the players. Such a goal is put before the Committee of the Judges of the Football Association of the Czech Republic. It is the hard and crude interventions in the middle of the court that judged in the eight rounds so far benevolent. Martin Nenadal, who played in the Brno Brno Hradec Králové duel on Unibet either side to eliminate one player for dangerous fouls. Therefore, the commission has been punished in three games.

“The observation from the past eight rounds is that the judges are very good at punishing non-sporting behavior, there are minimal errors in assessing misdemeanors in the penalty area. little focused on punishing the raw game, especially in the middle of the pitch.We will appeal to the Unibet referees to improve it, “said Petr Mlsna, Vice-Chairman of the Refereeing Commission, at today’s meeting with journalists.

” The most important thing is to protect the health of the players. If the referee whistles or fails to punish the assistant and assists the offside, then it is a mistake, but not as serious as if he does not protect the player’s health. This is the philosophy of both FIFA and UEFA and ours. Who else should protect the health of the players than the referees. He is responsible for this, “said chairman of the commission, Michal Listkiewicz. For example, they Unibet said that Judge Nenadál had noticed a hard body and an elbow strike at the head of Jan Řezníček in Brno. with Hradec Králové instead of yellow card to show red Hradec Libor Žondr for a sharp slip on the standing leg.Not to mention, however, was the kick of goalman Slovácka Milano Heči in the chest of Mark Jordan in 6th round.

The Referee Commission therefore recommended that the disciplinary committee of the League Football Association be involved in the rough play. “We punish the judge if he does not evaluate it well, but we do not have punishment for the players in the competence, but the LFA Disciplinary Committee must start working, and it would be in her interest to punish the brutal Unibet ponturi game and try to eradicate it. / i> added Mlsna.

Otherwise, the commission is satisfied with the work of the judges. “In the 54 games of the first league played so far, only one result has been influenced by the referee’s fault, in the duel of Jihlava – Slavia.Then there was only one mistaken score in the last round when the Unibet second goal of Dukla in the match against Brno was not to be recognized, “Mlsna said.

” I appreciate the level of the main referees who are in a European comparison at an above-average level. Space for improvement is at the assistant. And especially in communication. But he has to be the main referee to help with the judging of the fouls and to participate more actively, “added Mlsna.

The biggest debate in the judges’ committee has yet to awaken the offside situation in the Zlín-Sparta match.The assistant rewarded the offside even though the Unibet live player did not touch the ball. We showed it at the FIFA seminar, where 60 percent of Europe’s top assistants said it was not offshore, 40 percent said yes, said Listkiewicz.

the rounds have only once been used by the goal judge, and in the derby Sparta with Slavs. And he does not think of more frequent engagement. “It’s an economic aspect, since the costs of the referees are billed to clubs.” After discussing with the LFA, we found that it was Unibet appropriate to deploy them in the fights, but not the only other match where they would be justified. maybe Sparta – Pilsen, “added Mlsna.